... publishing an online newsletter with my friend Madeline in the USA – so the voices of Afghan girls will be heard around the world.
— Fatima, Afghanistan
... to talk about the world’s problems, because ignoring them only makes them worse. And when I talk about what I know, adults listen.
— Rianne, USA
... that it’s hard for American teens to relate to the issues faced by kids in a war zone, so I have created a website to help them learn about Afghanistan in a way that is more real for them.
— Kirsten, USA
... that terrorists target the illiterate because they’re powerless. I started a nonprofit organization to bring literacy to Afghan refugees and, yes – I’m only seventeen.
— Tim, USA
... literacy – and education – over a future farming poppies, because that’s no future at all.
— Agha Wali, Afghanistan
... getting an education is the only way out of poverty, and out of the slums. So I’m joining other girls like me – and fighting to stay in school.
— Sri Devi, India
... how poverty makes people vulnerable to political instability. I helped launch a school for Afghan refugees that will help my friends in Kabul start small businesses.
— Sarah, USA
... having American kids as my friends, my partners – and my equals, instead of just receiving charity from them.
— Antoine, Haiti
... my freedom as an American to speak out, and I use my voice for kids who can’t. Through the newsletter Fatima and I started, Afghan girls are getting their voices heard, too.
— Madeline, USA
... help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by using my voice. I started a public speaking campaign to fight ignorance, fear and discrimination. With education, we can stop this killer.
— Catherine, Kenya
... that kids all over have to get creative if we’re going to really solve world problems. I started a campaign to help bring stability to Afghans through skateboarding!
— Luke, USA
... that understanding the world’s people is the only way to avoid war. Once I made American friends, I was no longer afraid of them.
— Koyar, Iraq
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